Victor For Leon


Damon Victor runs Victor Technologies,  a lab in Tallahassee that custom-builds orthotics in collaboration with local practitioners. In March of 2014, he was days away from getting on a plane for Crimea to help an orphanage open a prosthetics laboratory.

I have been concerned with serious issues at the heart of Blueprint — our local infrastructure sales tax agency led by city and county commissioners — for months now. Between the top-down leadership, clashing personalities and undemocratic processes that hinder true brainstorming or discussion, the public can hardly keep up or be heard. Unless you’re a plugged-in …

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This past week, the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency, controlled by our five City Commissioners and seven County Commissioners, sold the farm. They spent $27 million dollars on vanity stadium enhancements for Florida State University Athletics.

Two first-time candidates — one a state worker, the other a business owner — have filed to run for the Leon County Commission seat in District 3.