Victor For Leon


“Why on earth would you want to take that job?! You do so much good in the world already?” That’s a frequent question that has greeted the smiling face of Damon Victor throughout his campaign to replace incumbent Rick Minor as the new Leon County Commissioner for district three.

Candidate forum for Leon’s 3rd district gets heated when it comes to North Monroe revitalization efforts

‘Damon Victor’s not about smooth talk and empty promises. He’ll be there for you when the hard choices come.’

All three candidates in the Leon County Commission’s District 3 race announced they received enough signatures to qualify for the 2022 ballot.

Damon Victor runs Victor Technologies,  a lab in Tallahassee that custom-builds orthotics in collaboration with local practitioners. In March of 2014, he was days away from getting on a plane for Crimea to help an orphanage open a prosthetics laboratory.

I have been concerned with serious issues at the heart of Blueprint — our local infrastructure sales tax agency led by city and county commissioners — for months now. Between the top-down leadership, clashing personalities and undemocratic processes that hinder true brainstorming or discussion, the public can hardly keep up or be heard. Unless you’re a plugged-in …

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This past week, the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency, controlled by our five City Commissioners and seven County Commissioners, sold the farm. They spent $27 million dollars on vanity stadium enhancements for Florida State University Athletics.

Two first-time candidates — one a state worker, the other a business owner — have filed to run for the Leon County Commission seat in District 3.